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Taffy Hill

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Good design evokes an emotion

Good design is more than just a pretty picture, it is an art as much as it is a science. Taffy Hill focuses on stimulating an emotional experience that helps to refine your brand, move your product and create loyalty. Whether it’s concept, design, logo development, comprehensive branding for new and existing products and services, merchandising systems, web-site design, promotional programs, we can help you communicate an experience that aligns with your vision.

Horizon & Co.

Horizon & Co. logo

Horizon & Co. and Entre-Amies Getaways have a business relationship creating exclusive all-women group adventures.

HORIZON & CO. (founded in 1963) located in Toronto, Ontario, is a boutique travel company focused on providing upscale special interest travel for individuals and small groups. Our mission is to design and stage authentic and deeply personal travel experiences for discerning travellers. In addition to offering over 75 independent and escorted trips on 7 continents, we tailor-make bespoke trips for small groups of friends, family and colleagues. Radical Sabbaticals, our corporate program, provides creative solutions for corporate hospitality, incentive trips and executive retreats.

DuVine Adventures

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Bike. Eat. Drink. Sleep

DuVine Adventures and Entre-Amies Getaways have a business relationship creating exclusive all-women group biking adventures.

For 14 years, DuVine Adventures has been offering deluxe bicycle tours through unspoiled villages all over Europe, bike tours in France, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Argentina, and Napa and Sonoma; while staying in luxury hotels, eating gourmet cuisine and tasting world-class wines. We offer over 16 different bike trips in 9 separate countries, making the art of leisurely bicycle trips rewarding and memorable.

National Geographic ADVENTURE Magazine has selected DuVine as one of the Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth of 2009.

My Camino book cover

Sue Kenney

Sue Kenney, renowned author, leadership coach and spiritual leader. An accomplished writer and storyteller, Sue has written two books based on her experiences on the Camino. Her first, My Camino, has become a national best seller, and is currently being adapted to a feature film screenplay.

Sue has walked over 2,000 kilometers of the Camino on four different pilgrimages. A profound life-altering experience, Sue’s first hike through northern Spain set her on a new path of self discovery that has formed the basis of her spiritual teachings ever since. Sue works closely with Entre-Amies at creating personal growth and self-discovery all women journeys.

Solid to the Core book cover

Solid to the Core

Author Janique Farand-Taylor is the Owner and Director of Physiofit located in Toronto, Canada, specializing in sports and orthopeadic physical therapy.

Solid to the Core, simple exercises to increase core strength & flexibility. Solid to the Core offers a customizable, progressive program of exercises you can use to strengthen your core. As you blend these exercises into your own personal fitness program, you’ll learn to overcome your personal weaknesses and muscle imbalances, reducing pain and risk of stress injuries in the process. In no time at all, you’ll discover the power and efficiency that can come from having a strong and stable core.

Solid to the Neck coming out in early 2009.

Physiofit, Toronto, Ontario

Janique F. Taylor, Owner & Director of Physiofit provides the perfect solution for those who are injured or want to prevent injuries, want a healthy lifestyle or just want to regain positive energy.

By appointment only, Physiofit provides multiple services that include physiotherapy, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, private personal training, sports teams fitness testing and dry-land training.

With today's complexity of active living, let Physiofit create your own joie de vivre by taking your health and fitness personally. You all deserve it.

stina sayre european style clothing

Stina Sayre logo

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Versatility meets adventure in the fashions of Stina Sayre, a Swedish-born clothing designer who lives and works on Martha's Vineyard. Her website - - features an enticing array of multi-seasonal clothing that fuses function with elegance, as well as accessories that include her trademark sleek black bags and totes. The results of her pairings are collections with clean lines, sometimes edgy yet still elegant and stylish.

Stina Sayre's customers are typically adventurous women of all ages and lifestyles, she says. "Many return again and again because my clothing makes them feel strong, confident and sexy."

Champion Spirit Martial Arts

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3300 Yonge St. Suite #302, Toronto (416)484-8884

Master Ghasry and Chantal at Entre-Amies work closely together at creating local “All-women empowering martial arts weekend retreat”.

Champion Spirit Martial Arts in Toronto is a private martial arts training center which specializes in personal growth and fitness through martial arts.

As consistent physical training has been scientifically shown to provide remarkable enhancements in cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility and coordination, consistent mental training provides the Champion martial artist with an increased sense of self-confidence, clarity and stress-release.

Master Reza Ghasry is a 7th degree black belt and Certified National Instructor who offers the best program to suit your individual needs, goals and scheduling availability.


Verity logo

111D Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario

Designed by women for women, Verity is a business, social, fitness and wellness club located on Queen Street East in Toronto's downtown core. It is the fastest growing club in the city, and includes an award winning restaurant - George, full service spa – Sweetgrass Spa, flower shop - Sweetgrass Flowers and boutique hotel - The Ivy.

Sweetgrass Spa

Sweetgrass Spa logo

111D Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario

Located in a beautifully restored 19th century loft building in Toronto's historic Queen Street East district, Sweetgrass Spa at Verity is the most exciting women-only spa in Toronto.