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Chantal Farand-Viau

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“I have seen and experienced how travel can transform a woman's life, especially when she opens herself to sharing the journey with other women. Travelling challenges us to re-examine our place in the world and our relationship to others, and therefore brings us to a closer understanding of ourselves.”

I love everything about travel, from trip planning and meeting new people, to cultural exchange and discovering new places, to adventure and unique experiences. I want to share my passion for travel.

I believe in the fundamental importance of travel for bringing together different people and cultures, sharing ourselves with others, creating new and exciting adventures, opening our minds and broadening our horizons. I also believe travel allows us to discover life beyond the everyday, to explore different perspectives, and to find meaning in new horizons.

My 11 years working as a flight attendant for a Canadian airline allowed me to pursue a childhood dream and fulfill my need for adventure. I want to share my enthusiasm and passionate interest in travelling to help create treasured memories and make a difference in people's lives. I have a life's worth of experiences directly related to travel and management and to creating a rich, diversified and fulfilling lifestyle for myself, my family and friends.

I invite you to join me on one or many shared experiences or I would be very happy to plan your next private experience.